Reading List: February 4th

“He was the only songwriter I knew with a subscription to Jane’s Defence Weekly,” Linda Ronstadt tells the Los Angeles Times in this appreciation of Warren Zevon.

Robin Sloan calls attention to some recent explorations of where the internet can go from here, after feeling stuck for too long.

Locus magazine’s annual recommended reading list is a lengthy one—don’t miss the short story section at the end, which points to many that can be freely read online.

In his Counter Craft newsletter, author Lincoln Michel highlights some rule-breaking writing advice drawn from fairy tales.

“You still need a human voice to be the spine.” Julia Angwin offers some journalistic lessons for the algorithmic age in announcing her departure from The Markup.

Paleofuture sifts through the archives of NASA’s in-house Spinoff magazine, which has been chronicling commercial applications of space technology since 1976.

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