Lucy Maud Montgomery’s handwritten Anne of Green Gables manuscript

Photo: Jean-Sébastien Duchesne

There’s a new online exhibition from PEI’s Confederation Centre of the Arts that lets you explore the entire handwritten manuscript of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables, complete with wealth of annotations and supplemental materiel. Montgomery wrote a large portion of the novel on the backs of pages of earlier manuscripts, which are all also readable online and detailed here, and there’s a great look at her writing process (including Waverley pen she preferred to use).

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Exploring Springsteen’s Nebraska

From his Instagram post, here’s Michael Chabon on Warren Zanes’ forthcoming book on the making of Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska:

Zanes’s book shares certain features with the strongest books in the (unrelated) 33 1/3 series— singular focus, thorough research, unabashed passion for and devotion to its subject, a strong yet not unwelcome authorial presence and, above all, a compelling argument to make—in this case that Springsteen’s weird, gothic, heartbroken 1982 left turn, equally the product of an acute psychological crisis and the introduction of the TEAC 144 PortaStudio, opened the door to and laid the groundwork for the whole lo-fi, 4-track, homebrew, backpack-and-laptop indie revolution that followed.

The book’s only out in May, but it reminds me I need to catch up with Zanes’ Tom Petty biography (which Chabon also praises).

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